Waste & Waste Water Disposal

Disposal of the waste water produced in the camp is equally as important as the provision of clean water in order to reduce the risk of infection. FCS will connect to on-site approved sewer locations, or where this is not possible the waste water will be collected in tanks utilizing macerator pumps and closed piping systems. Once collected the waste will be transported in sealed vacuum tankers to the nearest certified disposal facility.


Be it the use of the existing infrastructure or if we must construct an independent system we can provide staff with the technical knowledge to ensure that all of your waste water requirements are fulfilled.


Along with the disposal of waste water our cleaning teams will ensure that the camp is kept clean and all the normal refuse that accumulates in such an environment is collected, removed and disposed of in accordance to our strict environmental policies.


This will ensure that all waste is sorted before disposal and all efforts to recycle will be observed. FCS has extensive experience in dealing with HAZMAT and will safely dispose of all types following the strict International guidelines that are in place.


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