Field camps for military units and other government organizations.

Public Institutions

FCS has had extensive experience in dealing with the military sector.


At FCS, we accommodate all of your camp upgrades through the provision of special modules in order to enhance an already constructed camp area. All solutions can be provided with staff as required to ensure that client satisfaction is guaranteed.

As soon as military or other government organizations are required to deploy outside of their traditional operational sites and infrastructures, FCS will provide all of the short-term living and working conditions to allow that mission to proceed smoothly.

Regardless of geographical location, climatic conditions or security situation FCS, using its Modular Field Camp Solutions, will quickly provide all the required infrastructures of accommodation, fencing and access control systems, catering, workshops, warehousing and stores, water supply and sanitation, power, laundry, communications and care facilities. This infrastructure can also be supplied, maintained and operated by our trained staff as required.


Subject to the location, function & anticipated duration of use we offer a variety of designs and materials to provide a customer-orientated solution. FCS offers a competent one-stop solution beginning with the planning through to operations including procurement, transportation, installation and maintenance.


All of our product solutions are based on international industry standards that allows for integration with customers own materials and resources as the interfaces are standardized which can lead to significant cost savings later in the camp operations. These solutions range from tent solutions that are flexible and save on transport capacity to fixed constructions including prefabricated container modules. In consultation with the client, all components and frameworks are determined beforehand which also allows for single modules or services to be delivered and deployed depending on the situation.

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